Social Simulation Conference 2021 (Cracow, Poland)

20-24 September 2021

The 2021 Social Simulation Conference will be held at the Cracow University of Economics, Poland. It will take place from 20th to 24th September 2021 at the Cracow University of Economics, Poland. See the conference website. The conference is one of the key activities of the European Social Simulation Association (ESSA), aimed at promoting social… MORE


SocSimFesT 2021

15-20 March 2021

Following the success of Social Simulation Week in September 2020, we are organizing a Social Simulation Festival (SocSimFesT) for March 2021. See the SocSimFesT 2021 website at, where there is a call for session organizers open until 27 November 2020.


BEHAVE-ESSA Summer School 2020 on “Agent-Based Modelling for Social Scientists”

August 31 - 9 September 2020

Jointly organised by Behave Lab, ESSA-European Social Simulation Association, GECS–Research Group on Experimental and Computational Sociology (University of Brescia), the ESLS PhD Programme in Economic Sociology and Labour Studies (University of Milan) and supported by Fondazione Grazioli and Collegio Universitario Luigi Lucchini di Brescia, this school aims to train students on Agent-Based Models (ABM) in… MORE


Social Simulation Week 2020

14-18 September 2020

Due to the regrettable cancellation of the Social Simulation Conference 2020 in Milan, the Management Committee of ESSA have agreed to trial a new kind of on-line event we are calling “Social Simulation Week” to be run over the same time-period as the conference was to have been run (14-18 September). See for details… MORE


Joint ESSA / DeSIRE Summer School 2021 “Agent Based Modelling for Resilience – Making it happen!”

June 1-24 2021

“Agent Based Modelling for Resilience – Making it happen” is the joint ESSA / DeSIRE Summer School aimed at working on resilience of complex systems, varying from engineering systems to social systems to ecological systems. It follows up on the successful ESSA summer schools in Wageningen in 2015 and 2017. From 1 to 24 June… MORE


ESSA Summer School in Social Simulation 2019

17-21 June 2019

The tenth Summer School in Social Simulation will be held at The James Hutton Institute in Aberdeen, Scotland, during the week of 17-21 June. For more information, and to apply for a place, see the Summer School’s website at


Social Simulation Conference 2019 (Mainz, Germany)

23-27 September 2019

The 2019 Social Simulation Conference will be held at the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz, Germany. Conference website:


ESSA Summer School 2018 to be held in Växjö, Sweden

13-17 August 2018

Save the dates! ESSA Summer School: 13-17 August For further information, please contact Giangiacomo Bravo ( Website:


Social Simulation Conference 2018 (Stockholm, Sweden)

20-24 August 2018

Save the dates! Conference: 20-24 August  


Social Simulation Conference 2017 on 25-29 September 2017 (Dublin, Ireland)

25-29 September 2017

The “Social Simulation Conference 2017: Social Simulation for a Digital Society” will be held in Dublin, Ireland, on 25-29 September 2017. It will be hosted by University College Dublin and chaired by Diane Payne (UCD Dynamics Lab). Among the invited speakers: Michael Batty (UCL, London), Blake LeBaron (Brandeis International Business School), Arnout van de Rijt (Utrecht… MORE


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