Career Break Agreement Template

April 8, 2021

4.4.2 Career interruption is not considered a service interruption within the meaning of employment legislation. However, the period of career interruption is not taken into account in benefits related to benefits such as occupational sickness benefits, maternity provisions and workers` severance pay. To this end, the service is aggregated with the service before the career break after the career break. 4.4.5 During a work break, there is no entitlement to leave and the worker is not entitled to annual leave. Annual leave due must be taken before the start of the career break. There will be no payment instead of unpaid leave. At the third level, a teacher must submit to the Institute the request to discontinue the change of career at least three months before the start of the academic year, during which he proposes to take a break. Your leave, for whatever reason, has probably helped you develop valuable skills that you can use in the workplace. Travelling abroad, for example, may have developed your language skills and provide you with a broader cultural understanding or perhaps with children optimized your time management skills. Whatever the reason for your career break, take advantage of your benefits and mark this in your cover letter.

If you give a worker work leave for a career break or sabbatical, you should endorse the written provisions, even if you already have a directive that regulates the situation. It is particularly important to confirm the situation with regard to the worker`s employment contract and its continuity in employment. Workers are not entitled to a career break, but the university recognizes that there may be circumstances in which it may be advantageous for the worker and the university to allow the employee and the university to give time without pay to the work. 4.1.5 In some circumstances, career interruption may not be the most appropriate regulation. If this is the case, a more case-by-case alternative can be agreed between the employee, the head of department and the competent personal partner. 4.9.3 Before returning from a career break, the worker must confirm in writing to his department head, for at least three months, if he wishes to return to work. 4.5.2 The staff member and the department manager/head of department/team leader should have appropriate contacts during the career break to facilitate the return to work of both parties. It is recommended that staff and the head of department/CEO discuss the type of contact that will occur prior to the business break. 4.9.5 If a worker wishes to return prematurely from a career break, he or she must write down as soon as possible and at least three months before the date of his return. This policy was developed to allow workers to take work for a long period of time without pay in order to reconcile their careers with other obligations, responsibilities and interests.

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