Klaus G. Troitzsch

University of Koblenz-Landau, Koblenz, Germany

Since twenty years ago, when I thought time had come to give social simulation a journal, i.e., JASSS, an organisational context and a series of annual conferences, I have always considered ESSA my true spiritual home

Rainer Hegselmann

University of Bayreuth, Germany

ESSA, that is the platform on which thoughtful and reflective simulationists meet

Tim Kohler

Department of Anthropology, Washington State University, USA

I’ve been able to attend the ESSA meetings only twice, since I’m based in the US, but have always found the attendees to be a very diverse and interesting group, deeply engaged in what they are doing. Practices are just different enough in Europe that I always learn lots of new things and gain useful new perspectives

Frédéric Amblard

University of Toulouse, France

Since it was founded, ESSA has always increased and evolved, being a platform through which new themes and initiatives emerged thanks to community engagement. Essentially, since from the beginning, this association has been a brilliant example of a self-adaptive system with collective intelligence properties

Marco Janssen

Arizona State University, USA

ESSA is the international association that connects social simulators not only within, but also beyond Europe. As a European abroad, the annual ESSA conference is a regular opportunity to reconnect with the vibrant European social simulation community

Andreas Ernst

Center for Environmental Systems Research, University of Kassel, Germany

ESSA for me is THE community where innovation in social science is alive. It always is a great pleasure to have a glimpse into the future when attending ESSA conferences

Nigel Gilbert

University of Surrey, Guilford, UK

For me, ESSA members have always been the friendliest and most inspiring bunch of people; long may it remain so

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