The experimental Special Interest Group is focused on combining the experimental approach with Social Agent-Based Modelling (ABM). More specifically, our activities focus on:

  • Forming a network for scholars to connect and collaborate with
  • Making the process of “combining” more transparent, so we can learn from each other, build forth on each other’s work, critically discuss each other’s work etc.
  • Monitoring the current state of experimental and validation procedures in ABM. This will result in literature reviews and reports on the state of the art.
  • Summarizing, developing and suggesting standards for empirically-related procedures in ABM.
  • Organizing events to foster discussions and attract interest on this topic.
  • Developing roadmaps to identify major challenges, topics and procedures needing more attention, and future objectives
  • Encouraging new empirical work in ABM by:
    • giving space and attention to works bringing forward this approach
    • producing a network of researchers with similar interest
    • attracting new members
    • publishing reviews and books
    • organising special issues

• Daniela Cialfi : /
• Dino Carpentras:
• Edmund Chattoe-Brown:



• Daniela Cialfi
• Dino Carpentras
• Edmund Chattoe-Brown
• César García-Díaz
• Roger Cremades
• Christian Kammler
• Nick Malleson
• Anna Pagani
• Bruce Edmonds
• Nanda Wijermans
• Marlene Batzke
• Ruth Meyer

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