Dupage County Lease Agreement

December 7, 2020

Read the Illinois Landlord and Tenant Act (765 ILCS § 705) for specific information about landlord/tenant privileges and obligations that each party must be aware of before entering into a lease. The Illinois Attorney General also offers a fact sheet on landlord/tenant rights and laws that includes valuable information about state property laws. The reality is that there is no standard rent for Illinois or a county or city. Many Illinois cities have specific regulations to combat nuisance, noise protection, and property maintenance. For example, the City of Aurora requires leases to include a non-polar contract. In addition, laws change from year to year. As a homeowner, reducing your costs can be just as important as renting out your property. You might be tempted to use a cheap standard rental model at an office supply store or website. Unfortunately, these “free” and “low-cost” leases often lack substance and do not offer sufficient protection to the owner. Lead-based paint – Any apartment built before 1978 must have this confirmation added to each agreement to inform the tenant of this danger. Return (765 ILCS 710) – The landlord has 30 days to give the deposit to the tenant. Illinois leases allow a landlord and tenant to agree in a written document about renting a property, following the rights of each party (see guide).

The parties have the option to choose from one (1) of the four (4) types of agreements ranging from commercial space lease agreements to the standard one (1) year agreement that is most commonly applied. In addition to reviewing their tenants with a rental request before signing a binding legal contract, landlords are generally advised to charge a security deposit to cover potential property damage. Subletting – Allows a tenant to re-rent their space with the owner`s permission. The tenant cannot let the subtenant stay longer than his main lease. Whether you`re a business owner or owner, it`s important to understand the terms of a commercial lease. At Stock, Carlson & Duff, LLC, we can help you create this important document to ensure your rights are protected. Our real estate lawyers in DuPage County are ready to resolve disputes as needed through negotiation, arbitration, mediation or litigation. Call our office today at 630-665-2500 to schedule a confidential consultation. Illinois law requires landlords to share certain information with tenants. Typically, this information includes through the lease: Illinois leases for residential and commercial real estate are entered into between a landlord and the tenant for the use of the space against payment of rent. The tenant must first consult the room and, if interested, request the submission of credit and basic data on the rental application. Once the landlord has verified their registration information and the person(s) have been approved, negotiations about rent, bonds and other terms must be negotiated.

Once a lease has been entered into and signed by the landlord and tenant, it becomes a legal document on which each party has the terms. One of your best guarantees is a lease strictly written on: Concession granted (765 ILCS 730) – any type of rental concession that is suitable must be mentioned in the lease. When you enter the page, the header with the words “Concession granted” should be at least half an inch high on the document. If there is a concession, it is considered a misdemeanor in the state of Illinois. While in most cases a landlord and tenant can easily enter into a lease, there are scenarios where legal assistance may be required, either from the landlord or tenant. Some even need the help of a lawyer. To determine if you might face such a problem, consider the following table of Illinois Landlord and Tenant Laws. Subletting – Allows a tenant to re-rent their room with the landlord`s consent. Tenants cannot allow the subtenant to stay longer than their main lease. A sublet in Illinois is typical for people who want to reduce the monthly cost of their rent and share their rent and housing with another person (the so-called “subtenant”). However, the agreement may also consist of the subtenant leasing the entire space to the original tenant (the so-called “subtenant”).

It is recommended that the subsanist inform the landlord about the new subtenant on the property to avoid confusion and ensure that the main lease remains valid. As in other states, Illinois has three main types of commercial leases: If there are withdrawals from the security deposit, the landlord must list the deductions and send them to the tenant within 30 days and the balance of the deposit within 15 days (45 days in total). Just look at your own rentals compared to others in your area. You can easily see that each residential property has its own unique features. From there, you can draw many tenant disputes by covering such topics in the lease: At Gateville, we know from experience that a well-written lease can handle many tenant problems and provide you with the best possible legal protection in case of unavoidable tenant problems. Our lawyers serve the local needs of DuPage, Will, Kendall, Grundy and Kane County. .

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