Award Type: Best Student Conference Paper

Social Simulation Conference 2019 Best Student Paper: Dan Glikstein

Congratulations to Dan Glikstein from Harvard University for winning the ESSA Best Student Paper award at SSC 2019 in Mainz. His paper was entitled, “Analyzing the very-short-term dynamics of media effects on attitudes through agent-based simulation using a quasi-natural XML-based language.”

Social Simulation Conference 2018: Best Student Paper goes to Liu Yang

Many congratulations to Liu Yang, of the University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, who won the Best Student Paper prize at SSC 2018 in Stockholm. Her paper was entitled, “Using qualitative data from resident engagement in a simulation model to inform urban transport and public space design in Hackney Wick”

Social Simulation Conference 2017: Best Student Paper goes to Patrycja Antosz

Many congratulations to Patrycja Antosz of Jagiellonian University, Poland, for winning the “Best Student Paper” prize at the Social Simulation Conference 2017 in Dublin, for her paper with Harko Verhagen entitled “Qualitative data in the service of model building — the case of structural shirking”.

Social Simulation Conference 2015 Best Student Paper (Groningen, NL)

Leo-Kei Brousmiche (University of Paris 6, France) was awarded for the Best Student Conference Paper at SSC2015, Groningen, NL. The paper was entitled “From Field Data to Attitude Formation” (co-authors Jean-Daniel Kant, Nicolas Sabouret, François Prenot Guinard and Stéphane Fournier)

WCSS 2010 Best Student Paper (Kassel, Germany)

Jens Pfau (University of Melbourne, Australia) was awarded for the Best Student Paper at the Third World Congress on Social Simulation, Kassel, Germany. The paper was entitled “Globalization and Cultural Diversity” (co-authors M. Kirley, and Y. Kashima)

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