SIG-MOOD: Models of Human Decision

Models of human decision (MOODs) are one of the most central components and added value attributed to Agent-Based Social Simulation (ABSS). Yet, developing such models for ABSS involves accounting for an array of specific requirements that may differ from other areas in which MOODs are applied, such as non-player characters in video games. For example, in an ABSS context, MOODs developers should ensure that agents are at the same time realistic, detailed, and computationally scalable, while also accounting for how their simulation may be used and hence impact people and societies.

Discussions about how to advance MOODs in ABSS should involve not only technical considerations about modelling and simulations, but also questions on how to ground these models in the various relevant sciences (social sciences and humanities, cognitive sciences etc.), how to show their validity, and what are the direct and indirect ramifications of developing MOODs for ABSS.

The main objective of the Special Interest Group Models of Human Decision (SIG MOOD) is to bring together and support a community of researchers and practitioners bound by a common interest in modelling human decision and social simulation, by organizing  a social network to turn to and scientific structures to rely on when engaging in research, as well as by providing a clear landmark for this community to structure itself around.

The SIG is structured along two axes, which are to evolve organically depending on the interest of the community. The first axis focuses on the establishment and maintenance of an active community, shaped through the regular organization of joint activities, starting by workshops and special tracks at the Social Simulation Conference. The second axis is dedicated to establishment of structures for supporting scientific and operational activities, starting by a website offering a database of experts and stakeholders of the field, specialized mailing list(s), open lists of publicly-accessible tools, models, and funding calls, and a mapping of ongoing interests and achievements of the community. The SIG is open to both academics and non-academics, regardless of their fields or level of expertise.


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