What Is A Nomination Agreement Student Accommodation

October 14, 2021

“We sat down with Unite students to discuss how they can help with future developments, look at different models and how they can help us provide more housing for our students. They work with you and they really understand what you are looking for. As the UK`s largest student accommodation provider, Unite Students not only offers an exceptional residential experience by default, but our offer for university partners is tailored to your needs and those of your students. This forms our home for success, which focuses on delivering what is important to students. The regulation of student residences varies between private and university providers. Universities that provide dormitories must belong to one of the two codes of conduct or be accredited by the local authority. If this is the case, the dwelling is exempt from the permit requirements for multi-occupancy houses (HMO) required by the Housing Act 2004. The relationship between universities and purpose-built student housing may vary. The university may enter into a nomination agreement with the provider to send a minimum number of students to the property each year. In turn, the university is a certain commitment in areas such as rent setting and management. 52% of our rooms are the subject of nomination agreements with 60 university partners that support short-, medium- and long-term accommodation needs.

These NOM agreements reserve rooms for your students for a guaranteed rent, so you can plan your accommodation needs at fixed and competitive rates with a provider you can rely on. As a partner, we can also offer financial and real estate advice, partnership approaches for asset development or refinancing, integrated hosting management or any tailor-made combination. `Disruption`: The growing problem of unfinished student accommodation in the UK “Thanks to the recently completed work for one client, we saw a very competitive market for development – a client bought a £38 million student programme in central London – and immediately rented a third of the empty student units that were denomumable to their own needs.” Commercially sourced student housing complexes typically fall into two categories: London`s development strategy, known as the London Blueprint Project, requires private student housing providers to enter into an appointment agreement with one or more specific universities. We are confident that partnering with Unite Students will help you achieve your goals at the institution level and give your students a foundation on which to thrive. We measure the satisfaction of our students internationally and we are consistently in the top third of service providers in Europe. With over 28 years of experience in the industry and access to 76,000 students per year, we continue to conduct extensive research to give us an up-to-date insight into student life. .

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