Dog Shared Custody Agreement

December 7, 2020

Pet care arrangements can solve this problem, as can prenuptial agreements. The trick is to have the pet`s custody agreement before you and your partner separate so that you don`t fight for your pet while the emotions are strong. Then you should have a schedule to follow your agreed custody arrangements. Be as consistent as possible with the timing, as your pet will feel safer knowing what to expect and when. Make sure you have a guard on call in case any of you are unable to care for your dog or cat at the agreed time for any reason. In Kentucky, a woman`s attachment to her cats Beanie and Kacey brought her behind bars. Lynn Goldstein was detained for 30 days in 2001 after repeatedly refusing a judge`s order to give her ex-husband custody of the cats. She was caught hiding the cats in a friend`s office. “I would go through hell and fire for these animals,” said Goldstein, who was eventually forced to let her ex-husband take the cats, at the time. There are many clauses that you can include when creating a comprehensive pet care agreement.

Consider your specific needs and the best interests of pets. You may also find that the contract needs to be updated due to lifestyle changes or financial needs. The contract may be amended to take account of new circumstances, provided that both parties sign the new contracts and amendments. Another way to resolve your custody issue is through mediation or arbitration instead of the courts. In mediation, couples can work to resolve their pet agreement amicably. Did you know that you can have a pet custody agreement that states where your pet will live if you and your partner separate? Read on to find out how a custody agreement can help you keep your pet after the divorce or when the relationship ends. This document is used when two people need a written record of the custody agreement they have entered into for their pet. If your dog or cat is new to one or both households, try breaking down your care arrangements into longer periods – weeks or even months, if possible – so that your pet has more time to adjust to each location. You can bring familiar items such as toys and bedding to make it easier to personalize your pet. One way to keep custody of the animal out of court is to have a fair custody agreement that provides for either joint custody of the animal or sole custody with a visit schedule for the other partner. However, joint custody is usually not the best thing for your pet. Pets, like children, are often traumatized during a divorce or when partners separate.

A pet care agreement where the pet travels back and forth between homes – whether the house is around the corner or across the country – is not in the best interest of the pet. In such a case, joint custody does not work well for anyone, especially for the animal. Under these agreements, the parties determine the exact determination of custody, including the animal`s stop dates and times, so the parties are on the same side with respect to their visits and responsibilities. The couple in the Joey case eventually struck a custody agreement on their own, but Cooper cited in his deliberations several other custody feuds involving dogs and a cat that the judges had to settle. For example, a party may agree to be fully responsible for all costs related to the animal, including things like vet bills and food, even when the animal visits and stays with the other person specified in the agreement. This agreement also includes all important information about the animal, such as name, sex, age and animal species. There are also optional sections that include information about the animal`s medical needs, if any, as well as other general care information (for example. B if the animal has a favorite toy or habit).

This agreement can be used to determine the care and care of any type of pet. B for example a dog, cat, snake, lizard or larger animal such as a horse. In states where judges consider your pet`s personal property and you don`t have a pet custody agreement, you`ll need to prove why you`re entitled to it instead of your partner. Even if your state considers animals as personal property, spouses should always show: you can decide on the custody of your pet in advance by having a pet custody agreement. If you have such an agreement, it`s likely that a court will enforce it, unless it`s a state with pet custody laws where the judge considers the best interests of the animal. Decide who has custody of each pet and what the other party`s visiting rights are. These agreements can be used for any type of pet, from a dog to a cat to a hamster. A pet care agreement contains all the information both parties need to share the pet`s care – often referred to as a “pet.” This pet care agreement is perfect for parties looking for a solid agreement for the care of their pet.

The following agreement was written by Colleen Sparks, a family attorney who helps clients with expertise as a divorce lawyer in California. Sometimes other members of an existing household may take on new responsibilities, but in some cases, sharing a pet between households may be the best answer. There are several ways to do things so that everyone has time with the animal and the animal receives the care and consideration it needs. But first, why divide the custody of a pet in the first place? The custody dispute was unusual enough to attract local media coverage, but divorce lawyers say these fights are becoming more common as state courts face divorce laws that don`t realize that in more and more homes, all the crucial connections between people don`t exist. In the past three years, three states have changed their divorce laws to treat pets more like family members than just possessions that can be shared by couples, such as sofas and TVs. Rhode Island; Pennsylvania; and Washington, D.C., have pending laws that would do the same. Are you worried about how your separation or divorce from your partner will affect the family pet? Prior to January 1, 2019, even if couples were able to agree on where the family pet would live after separation and the other party would be able to have a visit or custody of the animal, the agreements were not legally enforceable by the family court. Pets and animals were treated as personal belongings, distributed and distributed between the parties, as would be the case with any piece of furniture or car. Other clauses to consider in this agreement are: If your spouse bought the pet before your marriage, you will have difficulty getting custody of the pet because it is not considered matrimonial property, but is the property separated from your spouse. Separated property belongs to the spouse who acquired it before the marriage. The custody agreement template below describes an agreement between “Poppy Jennings” and “Bobby Chung” on the owner of the Corgi Puff. The agreement also outlines how both will handle pet care and liability, insurance, and expenses.

In 2017, Alaska became the first state to require judges in divorce cases to consider animal welfare, similar to a standard used in custody cases. The regulations, which the Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) has called “revolutionary and unique,” allow for the co-ownership of a pet and the inclusion of pets in domestic violence protection orders. .

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