Wmu Roommate Agreement

December 21, 2020

If you have friends you want to live with, create a group of roommates before choosing a unit. Only one person in the group must choose an apartment. All other roommates will receive an email to confirm the unit and sign their contract. They have one week to sign their contract, or the place is freed up for another student. Living with a roommate is just one of the many new experiences that await you at university. You are someone with whom you can share not only your room, but also your WMU experience. Fill out a residential contact, create your roommate profile and sign up for roommates of your choice. Students under the age of 18 need a parent/guardian signature. An email is sent to the person you identify and gives them instructions on what to do. Do you want a roommate and are still looking for someone? Our roommate finder is live and is a great way to search for someone with similar social habits, lifestyle, and interests. As soon as you know your roommate, you form a group of roommates to connect in our system. So you can both claim the same coin.

Groups of roommates must be completed before starting room selection. Dorm students can use the roommate locator to find a roommate. Enter search parameters related to lifestyles, social preferences, and interests. We provide you with up to 20 games and their contact details so that you can contact you and introduce yourself. Students must register for the future of the search for roommates when they sign their housing contract. Your joy of living in a dormitory depends to a large extent on the thoughtful consideration you and your roommates show for each other. Remember that living in a community means taking responsibility for the well-being of others. Only you can be sure that your roommate has these rights. As a roommate, it is your responsibility to follow the “roommate responsibilities” described below. The student chooses his apartment when he signs his housing contract. Current residents have priority to stay in their home or move to a new unit before registration opens for new residents.

Residents sign an individual contract per room, which means that each roommate is financially responsible for their own share of the rent. If a roommate moves, it won`t affect your housing contract. The address of your apartment is now available. If you are in a unit of 2, 3 or 4 rooms, information about roommates (including contact details on the organization of a consumer account) is also available. Log in to GoWMU and select the “Residence Life Housing” link in the My Self-Service section on the left. Please click on the “View my assignment information” link in the apartment portal. When things aren`t going well, there are many things we can do to help. Talk to the student or professional staff in your dormitory or apartment. They can be a great sounding board and give advice.

We can also work with you on roommate agreements, formal mediation or, if things really don`t work, to find a new room. If you need your roommate`s contact information or a floor plan to see where your room is, the information is now available. Log in to the housing system and select View my assignments. Create a group of roommates to connect you and your roommate in our system. If you are looking for a roommate, our roommate search tool will go live on April 1st. Look for lifestyle, interest and college. You will receive up to 20 correspondences and their contact details. Successful colocation relationships are the result of good communication, flexibility, openness, understanding and compromise. You can become your roommate`s best friend, but you can`t.

At first, take the time to get to know yourself. Even if your roommate is someone you know, there`s a difference between making friends and living together. Your willingness to be a good roommate will greatly increase your chances of a positive roommate relationship. Choose a roommate: For those who want to find a roommate, you can use our roommate finder to search by lifestyle, interest, and college. We will give you up to 20 matches and their WMU emails so you can contact and chat. If you find someone or have a friend you already want to live with, create a group of roommates to connect in our system. So you can choose a room together in May. 8/6 @ 5pm.m. – last day to change rooms or roommates before moving in Click here for more information on roommate groups and looking for a roommate. Reserve a place: Sign a housing contract to reserve a place for the fall. Since you`re choosing your own room, you don`t need to list building preferences.

You create your roommate profile, choose if you want to sign up for a roommate search, and sign the contract. Completed contracts are random when students choose their room in May, so there is no date priority. Registration is done through the portal of the apartment. If your roommate leaves, please keep the second half of the room open so that new students can join us in January. They will move on January 8. If you get a new roommate, you will receive an email shortly before the dorms reopen. The housing contract is a legally binding agreement with the UMM. If you are enrolled in courses and change your mind about accommodation on campus, a cancellation fee will apply.

Once you`ve identified your roommate(s), create a group of roommates to link together in the housing system. So you can claim a room or apartment in a group. You don`t have to leave your room. Take home the things you need during the break and secure your room. To avoid pests, take out your garbage and recycling, remove spoiled food, clean dishes left in the room, close and lock your windows. Remove electrical elements that are not strictly necessary. Access to your room is not possible from December 19 to January 8. Students enrolled in at least one credit hour are eligible to live in wMU`s dormitories and apartments. There are additional eligibility requirements for apartments.

The only pets allowed are aquarium fish, the tanks of which must not exceed 20 gallons. (This policy does not apply to service animals approved by Student Services for Persons with Disabilities.) Delivery times for delivery to the room are imminent! Orders for micro-refrigerators and carpets are due on August 13. Phone: (269) 387-2116TTY: (269) 387-2120Fax: (269) 387-0633 To return in January, sign up for a time slot to move. There will be 1-hour blocks to help with social distancing and arrivals distribution. To select your location, log in to the apartment portal, select “Dormitories” and “January Move-in”. The system will be online from December 7 to January 7 and you can change your arrival block at any time. . As we address the challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic poses to our system, our efforts are guided by the core value of putting our students first.

Your needs for education, health, safety and life experiences are at the heart of every decision we make. Your scheduled day and time to enter the housing system to select a dormitory room and meal plan for Fall 2020/Spring 2021 is below. All hours are EST. If you need to purchase a new Bronco Card, you must visit the Bronco Card Center before moving in. Residence Life will send you more detailed information about the location and opening hours closer to moving in. The following highlights do not cover all of the policies and information contained in the Community Living Expectations. .

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