Wmu Roommate Agreement

December 21, 2020

Successful roommate relationships are the result of good communication, flexibility, openness, understanding and compromise. You can become best friends with your roommate, but you don`t have the right. Take the time to get to know each other. Even if your roommate is someone you know, there is a difference between being friends and living together. Your willingness to be a good roommate will greatly increase your chances of having a positive roommate relationship. If your roommate leaves, please keep the second half of the room open to new students who will come to see us in January. They will move on January 8. If you receive a new roommate, you will receive an email just before the residence reopens. The student chooses his accommodation if he signs his housing contract. Current residents have the priority of staying in their space or moving to a new unit before opening up to new residents. Residents sign an individual contract per room, which means that each roommate is financially responsible for their own portion of the rent.

If a roommate moves, it will not affect your housing contract. You want a roommate and you`re looking for someone else? Our Finder roommate is live and is a great way to look for someone with similar social habits, lifestyles and interests. Once you know your roommate, make a group of roommates to connect into our system. So you can both claim the same piece. Groups of roommates must be completed before the start of the selection of the rooms. If you need your roommate`s contact information or a floor map to see where your room is, the information is now available. Connect to the housing system and select Show My Assignments. The housing contract is a legally binding agreement with the WMU. If you are registered in the classes and you change your mind about campus apartments, the cancellation fee is charged. Your joy of living in a dormitory depends in large part on the thoughtful reflection that you and your roommates show for each other. Remember that living in a community environment means taking responsibility for the well-being of others. You are the only one who can ensure that your roommate enjoys these rights.

As a roommate, it is your responsibility to follow the “roommates” described below. Click here for more information on groups of roommates and looking for a roommate. Once you have identified your roommates, create a group of roommates that must be connected to the housing system. So you can claim a room or apartment as a group. 8/6 to 5 .m. – last day to change rooms or roommates before moving if things are not going well, there are many things we can do to help. Talk to students or professional staff in your home or apartment. You can be an excellent resonant and also offer advice. We can also work with you for roommate agreements, formal mediation or, if things really don`t work, work with you to find a new space. Students can use the Roommate Finder to find a roommate. Enter search parameters related to lifestyle, social preferences and interests. We provide you with up to 20 games and their contact details to introduce you.

Students must choose to find roommates when signing their housing contract. Your address is now available. If you are in a 2-, 3- or 4-bedroom housing unit (including contact information for the public account organization), you are also available. Connect to GoWMU and choose the “Residence Life Housing” link in the “My Free Trade” section on the left. Click on the “Show my attribution information” link on the apartment portal. If you have friends you want to live with, create a group of roommates before selecting a unit. Only one person in the group must choose an apartment.

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