SIG-SIAM: Social Identity Approach Modelling

The Special Interest Group on Social Identity Approach Modelling aims to bring together scholars interested in the formalisation of (parts of) the social identity approach. By enabling this network to be and meet, we hope to further the formalisation of SIA but also to enrich the quality of these formalisations by extending and constructively challenging the formal interpretations of SIA by many different minds.

SIA is a promising approach from the social sciences that describes how people behave while being part of a group, how groups interact and how these interactions and ‘appropriate group behaviours’ can change over time. Agent-based modelling, on the other hand, is a powerful approach to address complex social science questions in ways that allow for studying over-time dynamics and causal mechanisms in a systematic and controlled manner. We regard the combination of SIA & ABM as a promising combination that enables us to push the frontiers in understanding human (group) behaviour in its social environment.

Our network welcomes anyone interested in, studying or modelling SIA. We focus on organising or supporting activities to meet and going into the nitty-gritty of SIA model design.

The SIAM SIG coordinators are Nanda Wijermans (Stockholm University) and Geeske Scholz (Osnabrück University).

SIG-SIAM members: researchers from the SIAM DFG network (see here for details), consisting of the SIG coordinators and Bruce Edmonds, Anne Templeton, Émile Chappin, Immo Fritsche, Martin Neumann, Torsten Masson, Rocco Paolillo, Tobias Schröder, Tony Craig, and Geo Kocheril. From the ESSA community: Natalie van der Wal (Delft University of Technology), Paulina Anazco (Wageningen University), Margaret Githinji (Wageningen University), and Mijke van den Hurk (Utrecht University).

For more information on the SIAM DFG project, see

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