How to Participate

There are 2 types of ESSA@work formats: A Conference Edition and a Local Edition. How to participate is described for each  format below:

Participating in a ESSA@work Conference Edition:

  1. Check the current ESSA annual conference website (Social Simulation YYYY) for the Call for Participation of that year.
  2. Submit a full paper or an extended abstract to the conference. Submissions can be flagged to be presented as ESSA@work during the submission stage of your conference contribution (extended abstract or paper).
  3. Authors will also be provided a link in the ESSA@work Call for Participation to fill out an application form, with an additional section detailing the problems or specific questions that the participant would like to discuss in the ESSA@work session, and some information on background and skills.

The general procedure after application: Given the number of participants we can host and actual numbers of applications a selection is made. The acceptance notification will be given send shortly after the acceptance of the conference submission. Once you have confirmed your participation by responding to the acceptance email and registered for the main annual ESSA conference, the session organisors will provide you with all the information you need to prepare and attend the ESSA@work track.

Please see the following guides for an overview of the process of submitting to ESSA@work (essa-at-work-find-inspo), some suggestions on how to write for ESSA@work (essa-at-work-how-to), and some useful things to remember when applying (essa-at-work-to-remember).

Participating a ESSA@work Local Edition:

1) Organise one yourself: contact us and we will help you setting it up with program templates and how to’s.

2) Join an organised event: check whether there is an event organised (see upcoming events) or by approaching us to ask whether some activity exists in your area. If there is an event, then follow the instructions of the Call for participation.

ESSA@work conference edition is a track of sessions as a part of the social simulation conference. The sessions in this track include presentations and feedback from the audience like in any other session. However, in each talk there will be an expert and co-ESSA@workers present to provide in-depth feedback, based on the talk and on the submitted papers. At the end of each ESSA@work session, there will be a group discussion.

Local ESSA@work is a 3-day workshop, usually self organised and participated by a group of modellers in the same and/or neighboring countries. It is a more intensive workshop that is easily accessible for ‘local’ modellers by keeping the travel distance and costs low. The experts are usually also invited on a local level. This is how ESSA@works started, as a local initiative.

In the past, there has been a different type of ESSA@work conference edition: a 1-day workshop that was organised during the yearly ESSA conference. Participants were able to present in the general track at the ESSA conference AND discuss work in progress.

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