Riser Management Agreement

December 16, 2020

Our global management program includes both proactive brokerage services and active day-to-day management. Our innovative approach generates revenue and increases telecommunications services for the building and tenants. The older your building, the more likely it is that seemingly endless amounts of abandoned cables and unused equipment will take up space and present potential dangers in one of the most critical components of your building`s infrastructure. Often, the solution to this problem lies in the hands of the owner/management of the building, whose job descriptions do not include telecommunications expertise. This is where riser management companies come in and paint a very rosy picture for building owners and managers who have too much to deal with the technical complexity of cleaning their building`s riser. When you consider surface riser management, as a landlord, you don`t seem to be paying anything for a service that could relieve you of a significant burden, and the result is a “one-stop shop” to refer your tenants to for their telecommunications needs. However, it is your tenants who pay in the long run. Literally. With a riser management company as an intermediary, your tenants may end up paying eight to ten times the standard market price for installing internet and/or telephone cables for businesses, from your building`s telecommunications cabinet to the assembly line to your tenant`s suite. That`s right.

Your tenant could get a quote up to eight to ten times the cost that would be required if the installation was done directly by the carrier itself. What is the value of that? When signing a contract with a riser management company, you should consider the following: Differentiating your business properties with the latest amenities and features, including a high-quality telecommunications infrastructure, could be a way to achieve your goals. While a riser management company may seem like an attractive proposition, it could have the opposite effect on your profits and reputation. The IMG service starts at the carrier`s point of entry into your building – also known as a network point of presence (NETPOP) or minimum point of entry (MPOE) – and continues to a demarcation point (DEMARC) in the tenant`s space. We are responsible for the maintenance of the Main Distribution Framework (MDF) and the entire riser infrastructure in your building. A riser management company will try to convince you that you need their services to manage the telecommunications service providers in your building. However, if you find the right ISPs to serve as your tenants` preferred providers, no intermediary is needed (especially an intermediary that increases exorbitant your tenants). Give your tenants the right to find the right ISP (with the right price) for them.

Allied Telecom has been providing telecommunications services for office buildings in the DC metropolitan area since 1996 with reliable internet and cloud voice services and responsive, local support. Talk to our commercial real estate specialist today to discuss how we can serve as a preferred supplier in your building. Prior to the deregulation of the telecommunications industry in 1996, risers were maintained by traditional telephone services. Since deregulation, the cabling of most commercial premises is managed by the communication providers chosen by the tenants. The quality of service and attention to detail of corporate communication providers can vary greatly. Commercial tenants who choose discounted providers can compromise the security or reliability of their infrastructure. These processes require a lot of time from each client for each request. Adhering to riser management processes offers many benefits to property managers and their employees: however, choosing a riser management company can also pose a business risk. As a property manager, you place immense trust in a service that may not be qualified to maintain your wiring. While these providers promise to provide meticulous service, ongoing support, and expertise, they may not have the experience or staff required to fulfill these warranties.

Often, technology-responsible property management and property management companies are tasked with overseeing service facilities, routine maintenance, infrastructure design and documentation, and service recovery to ensure that their building`s technology profile is more industry-leading and that they meet the connectivity needs of new high-level tenants. However, giving a management company to riser a monopoly on this service can hurt your tenants or even get high-quality potential tenants to rent to a competitor. Today`s business tenants rely more than ever on high-speed business Internet to communicate and collaborate. A recent survey estimates that a single hour of downtime can cost businesses $140,000 in the bottom! Providing high-quality and well-maintained infrastructure is a necessity for commercial real estate management. Filed Under: Blog, Business Tech, Commercial Real Estate Telecom Tagged With: Commercial Real Estate, Office Buildings Telecommunications, Riser Management, Telco Cabinet, Telecommunications In addition to these cabling services, riser management companies typically work with a preferred provider to provide white label Internet and telephone services to building customers. At first glance, this may seem like a great arrangement. Homeowners have no personal expenses and customers have access to infrastructure support. Riser management processes offer a variety of benefits for your employees and tenants. .

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