Riser Management Agreement

December 16, 2020

Prior to the deregulation of the telecommunications industry in 1996, traditional telephone companies maintained the ascenders. Since deregulation, wiring has been managed in most commercial spaces by the communication providers selected by tenants. The quality of service and attention to detail of corporate communication providers can be very different. Business customers who choose suppliers with reduced rates can compromise the security, security or reliability of your infrastructure. The IMG service starts at the carrier`s point of entry into your building – also known as Point De Presence (NETPOP) or Minimum Entry Point (DMA) – and continues at a demarcation point (DEMARC) within the customer area. We are responsible for the maintenance of the Main Distribution Framework (MDF) and the entire De Riser infrastructure in your building. Before you sign a management agreement with a Riser management provider, you need to understand how these vendors can affect your customers. Be sure to consider the short- and long-term impact of this type of service on your reputation and profitability. However, if you give a Riser management company a monopoly on this service, it can harm your tenants or even lead to potential quality tenants being rented by a competitor. Filed Under: Blog, Business Tech, Commercial Real Estate Telecom Tagged With: Commercial Real Estate Telecom Tagged With: Commercial Commercial Real Estate, Telecommunications Office Building, Riser Management, Telecommunications Cabinet, Telecommunications Space in Your Riser is valuable, so we track all equipment and wiring to ensure that your riser is free of unnecessary devices. Building management is necessary to limit access to NetPOP/MPOE and Riser cabinets for the duration of an imG Riser Management agreement.

The vertical track in which telecommunications and data wiring is wired from the minimum mpOE entry point to each floor of a commercial building is called the Riser system. Our multidisciplinary field experts literally “were there and did this”. Hive Master Integration brings together more than 20 years of troubleshooting, engineering, project management and innovation in practice. Whether it`s real estate, portfolio or asset class and regardless of the market, we get how building systems work and how they are an integral part of what drives respect for your customers. Today`s business tenants depend more than ever on high-speed internet to communicate and work together. A recent survey estimates that a single hour off can cost businesses $140,000 at the bottom! The provision of a quality and well-preserved infrastructure is a necessity for the management of commercial real estate.

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