Social Simulation Fest 2023

March 15 and March 16, 2023

For the third year running, the free of charge Social Simulation Fest is taking place online. Although free, you need to register to receive the Zoom link(s) for the event. For this, please visit the events website at:


Programme of the 2023 SocSImFest

Wednesday 15th of March

09:30-11:00 Inspirational talk: Tatiana Filatova (Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands) on Computing societal dynamics in response to climate change

11:15-12:45 Session “Social Identity Approach”, Chairs: Geeske Scholz (Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands) and Nanda Wijermans (Stockholm University, Sweden)

12:45-13:30 lunch break

13:30-15:00 Session “How to do wrong using Social Simulation”, Chair: Bruce Edmonds (Manchester Metropolitan University, UK)

15:15-16:30 Session “Synthetic Populations”, Chairs: Gary Polhill (James Hutton Institute, UK) and Mario Paolucci (Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies at CNR, Italy)

Thursday 16th of March

09:30-11:00 Session: “ESSA in focus”:  Chair: Melania Borit (UiT The Arctic University of Norway)

11:15-12:45 Session “ESSA@work”, Chairs: Natalie Davis (Utrecht University, The Netherlands) and Silvia Leoni (Maastricht University, The Netherlands, UK)

12:45-13:30 lunch break

13:30-15:00 Session “Credibility – Advancing ABSS as a tool for decision-support”,Chairs: Michael Belfrage, Emil Johansson, Fabian Lorig, and Paul Davidsson (Malmö University, Sweden)

15:15-16:30 Inspirational talk: César García-Díaz (Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Colombia) on Patterns of change in intra- and inter-organizational dynamics

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