Cisco Smartnet Extended Service Agreement Pdf

April 8, 2021

As a new generation of optimization services, Cisco Business Critical Services helps you take full advantage of existing network features. Optimize your IT workflow to focus on innovation. At every moment, our team of experts will guide your success. Make informed decisions faster with data that is easy to use and exchange. Detect problems in real time and automatically open TAC cases without human intervention. Optimize your network management with powerful tools and Cisco experts who know your network. And make cyberattacks quick. Better yet, stop them. Solve problems faster by quickly identifying problems and streamlining your incident management processes to improve IT service levels.

Without good transparency in the status of your installed base and service contract may fall out of an uncovered device, and then you are looking for a solution while your network is in danger. Portal reports help ensure that your critical business resources have the service coverage they need to meet business requirements and business guidelines. Technical Services and Incident Management – Get the support you need if and how you need it The portal also offers interactive workflows that simplify support management processes. Overall, basic technical services and smart features ensure the transparency and insighting information needed to improve the efficiency of your support operations, solve problems faster and reduce risk. The TAC is staffed by Cisco experts and is accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The technical service, available via the TAC, is supported by prior hardware exchange with quick response times, including on-site support options, and access to the latest operating system software for your licensed function. Online self-help tools include our extensive library of knowledge, software downloads and support tools that will help you quickly resolve network problems, often without opening a folder. After 15 .m. the service (including sharing, work and equipment) is provided the next business day to increase the value of your Cisco Table 2 products. Advance Hardware Replacement Service Levels For more information about Cisco Smart Net Total Care Service, visit or contact your local account agent.

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