Auraria Student Lofts Lease Agreement

April 8, 2021

Hello Sarah, thanks for all your positive comments! Our TEAM works hard every day to ensure that our residents enjoy their home and lifestyle at ASL. We are very happy that you have renewed your lease for an additional year! Again, thanks, Auraria Student Lofts for your comments. Nelson Brothers is proud to operate first-class communities for its residents and always creates new ways to maximize the quality of their home. ASL offers BEST pack in Denver for students and rental includes ALL utilities, Internet and Direct TV. We also offer additional upgrade packages for those who need them. Over the past 2 years, we have made significant improvements, including a new laundry, pool furniture and apartment upgrades. We continue to work hard to create a positive academic environment for our residents, which is balanced with the number of pleasures and corresponding social opportunities in their skyscraper lifestyle in the downtown core. If you are using a screen reader and have problems using this site, call (949) 916-7300 for help. Thank you for your comments. If you opt for a summer internship at ASL, you can only be available if a student sells his contract as early as in your case, since we remain 100% busy all year round. That`s why you couldn`t choose your roommates and we shared this in advance.

ASL is not a residence and we take all residents responsible for all rental violations in order to maximize the enjoyment of all residents of our community. We apologize for any inconvenience on the day one of our three elevators was decommissioned for repair. Thank you for your comments. We appreciate your stay over the past three years and will regret that you are moving. With the strong denver market and all our improvements over the past two years, rental value has increased above some of our resident budgets. At that time, ASL was still an all inclusive rental community and one of the best deals in the city centre for students. If you have any existing maintenance issues, please visit the office and contact Chris`s general manager directly, so we can make sure you are being cared for! Thank you for your submission and evaluation of our company. Thanks to our employees, we become a better company, and all professional comments and suggestions are always welcome. Please know that your concerns are our concerns and we can only dwell on the frustrations that are brought to our attention. We take these types of assessments very seriously and we always strive to improve.

Nelson Brothers wishes you the best of luck in your professional career and future efforts. Auraria Lofts Off Campus Student Apartments near the University of Colorado, University of Denver, Metropolitan State University and Denver Community College.

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