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April 8, 2021

Press: Alysa Kanani, PR Manager, Sales: opportunities to work on interesting projects with large clients -Interesting product to face a real market opportunity -Accomplished Senior Management Team -The company invests in the development of its employees with courses and opportunities to enter into new projects/roles -A good work-life balance, flexible with the work of the house – Friendly staff and friendly locals. The interviewer asked me what I had experienced and what I had put on the table, which other candidates might not have. The interviewer was very nice and gave me advice on my job search even after the interview. Thank you so much for this wonderful feedback. It`s great to learn that you thrive with AEX while understanding the underlying opportunity within the challenge. As you know, we continue to modify our structures and models to ensure that we meet our obligations, provide great learning opportunities for our team members, and enable our customers to have new technologies that simplify their business challenges. Thank you for your efforts, we are very pleased that you have chosen AEX as a place to invest in your growth. Discover the many advantages of a high-end brand profile on Glassdoor, such as.B. more influence and advanced analysis.

Congratulations to Peter Fitzpatrick for this great performance. – Adobe Flash. – Gong. – Poor soundproofing office/meeting room. – Hangout`s cat. – Customers do not see beauty in chaos. – The lack of opportunity to do things in your job description. – Internet Explorer support.

The industry is ripe for innovation, but the product is half-baked and does not have the people who move the business forward. There were good people, but most of the time they were hunted or abandoned. . Excellent group of employees to work, very useful. Getting closer to the stability of products along the way. A very fast pace, a bit like a start-up. How they describe their product or innovation: each financial institution has a form of digitization initiative that puts the customer at the centre of the experience. The challenge is for large financial firms to offer several complex products in isolated industries, all of which are forced to sell products efficiently in order to increase their portfolio share. Agreement Express will show how our platform is used by financial institutions to consolidate activities and improve the customer experience. Our fully integrated platform allows even the largest company to fully automate customer experiences in multiple business areas and create guided experiences for consultants and clients who carry out and support digitization initiatives.

A team of Exec away. Nepotism. Personal quarrels that take place in business decisions. Above promised to customers and delivered under. An environment I never want to work in again. The lack of professionalism that still shocks me today, moreover, sometimes even a lack of decency. Lack of leadership – we have the wrong people in the high positions. Large turnover of staff.

The workload is too high and paralyzes the delivery team. Agreement Express has the following weeks: Autonomy in everyday life, difficult atmosphere with other like-minded team members, great chance to progress in careers, good work-life balance, good relationships in the company, good market position Good team members, strong leadership in the company. Changes are only saved when you sign up for an advanced profile subscription. A few hard-working, intelligent, dedicated people, supported by an EP company with an excellent track record – all within a market that demands what is offered. The new CEO seems to be a step in the right direction and a general surge of energy. Agreement Express has a unique opportunity; a multi-billion euro industry that demands a solution, an undisputed product market and the financial support needed

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