Advisory Service Agreement Sample

April 8, 2021

1.1 xxxxxx will provide (company name) consulting services, as agreed and described in the attached work statement. All consulting services to be provided as part of this sub-activity are called services. The parties can use this agreement for several working statements. Any work instruction must relate to this agreement. It is envisaged that the relationship between the advisor and the beneficiary is not exclusive. The advisor also provides services to other organizations and/or individuals. The recipient is not entitled to further examine the councillor`s other activities. In addition, the advisor has the right to control how the advisor will provide the services. The recipient does not have the right to control how the advisor provides the services. BizTech Inc.

assures and assures the customer that they have the experience and ability to provide the services required in this agreement; that it will provide these services in a professional, competent and timely manner; it has the authority to conclude and implement this agreement; and that its execution does not violate the rights of third parties or violate federal, provincial and municipal laws. The customer must provide the necessary training for the additional products or services required by this Agreement and not in the area of expertise of BizTech Inc. 2.1 (company name) will offer xxxx other support services, such as the company and xxx agree later. This standard consulting contract defines the legal relationship between a company that provides consulting services with another company in the province of British Columbia, but can be used anywhere. Feel free to adapt and use it to meet your contractual needs. Don`t forget, though; It`s always a good idea to have a lawyer check a contract before signing it. 6.1 xxxx ensures that the services to be provided under this agreement will be provided in a professional manner in accordance with generally accepted industry standards and practices. (company name) accepts that xxxx is alone and exclusive for the services covered by this limited guarantee, at the sole discretion of non-compliance or reimbursement of service fees paid for the relevant company board. This advisory and advisory agreement (this “agreement”) takes effect from [INSERT EFFECTIVE DATE], by [INSERT NAME OF YOURSELF OR YOUR COMPANY] (the “recipient”), by [INSERT COMPANY ADDRESS], [INSERT COMPANY CITY], [INSERT STATE OR] [INSERT STATE OR] COUNTRY] [INSERT ZIP OR POSTAL CODE] and [INSERT ADVISOR`S COMPANY NAME] (the “Advisor”) of [INSERT ADVISOR`S ADDRESS], [INSERT ADVISOR`S CITY], [INSERT ADVISOR`S CITY], [INSERT ADVISOR`S CITY] [INSERT ADVISOR`S There are no plans to establish a regular and permanent relationship for an indeterminate period.

The recipient does not have the right to allocate services to the advisor, except as expressly provided in this agreement.

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