Wedding Agreement Spoiler

December 20, 2020

The previous poker alert, yes. Because talking about this rich movie can`t be spoiler hehe. So yaudah, please, keep going. Honestly, I don`t like the ends like these haha. Btw this is definitely Yak spoiler. Why the hell in every movie that involves a lot of love has to be paired to have a partner. Example turn right Barcelona and 5 cm. But it shouldn`t be that rich. It got out of hand. But it`s also love. But why is it still on the game? Indirectly, the marriage agreement inserts the values of da`wah, but everything is given smoothly in daily life, without being condescending. It is clear from the summary that the marriage contract in question is an agreement in which the husband divorces his wife after one year. Frankly, it`s very interesting, but.

But does it exist in the real world? I don`t know either. But maybe there are marriage contracts. But kalo in the marriage contract, as far as I know before the wedding. But the marriage deal in this movie is when he`s already married. Directed by Archie Hekagery, this film can make you happy, sad and both. Well, for those who are curious, you can check out the rating below. No spoilers! Quote I extracted from the film Wedding Agreement (2019) this: It`s over for the version of Cerbungnya ya, for more details are published in the Novel Wedding Agreement alhamdulilah, please contact the author 🙂 Good story, thank you. Especially the first 👍👍 The Actress Side has its pros and cons. Indah Permatasari (ABC: I Hate Love, Fear of Marriage) is far superior in this film with her charming role as an independent woman, wounded, but tempted to be sincere and strong and hopeful. His chemistry with Refal Hady (Rasa Anthology, Sulit Sinyal) is also quite capable, although Refal tends to trade safely and typically with his roles in previous films. The dimensional factor given to the characters in Byan`s script also seems to limit Refal`s performance.

Okay, when you watch this movie, it`s really easy, because yes, it`s going to be like that on the movie. But it`s hard, because it`s going to make a baper for all those who are dealing with married life.

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