Partnership Purchase Agreement

December 14, 2020

(f) With the exception of Schedule 3.12, there is no agreement to extend or waive the tax period for the respective companies, sellers or assets for a pre-period period period, and none of the companies or sellers have been asked to enter into such an agreement or exemption. 4.4 Compliance with securities laws. Any acquirer is an “accredited investor,” as defined in Regulation D of the Securities Act of 1933 as amended (“Securities Act”), and acquires the partnership units only for those purchasers153s own account, only for investment purposes and not for the purpose of their distribution. Buyers will not sell, sell, sell, wage, transfer or sell the partnership shares or any interest they represent there, unless they comply with securities law and other applicable laws. Buyers recognize that the interests of the partnership were not registered under the Securities Act or a state`s blue-sky laws. Buyers have access to business information (including the opportunity to meet with management and other company representatives) and have used this access to buyer satisfaction153. Buyers are experienced and competent in financial and commercial matters, are able to assess the benefits and risks associated with acquiring the partnership units, and do not need or want the assistance of a competent representative to help assess these risks (or, alternatively, the purchasers used a competent representative in the decision to purchase the partnership units). (e) Except as indicated in Appendix 3.10, there are no options, warrants, convertible bonds or other rights, agreements, agreements or obligations of any kind related to the partnership interests of the companies, if any, or to compel companies to issue or sell, if applicable, partnership interests or other shares in the companies. the claims, identity and address of the party whose debt is due on February 28, 2011 and the closing date.

Knowing the sellers and Navarre, after correct request, schedule 3.13 is there a true complete and correct list of claims from February 28, 2011 and the closing date, if any. The receivables were issued in the normal course of operations, in accordance with previous practices, constitute good faith claims on debtors for sales and other expenses and, with the exception of returns and to the extent that is included in existing reserves (. B, for example, discounts, questionable or irrecreant accounts, marketing development funds and other discount programs or advertisements offered to customers), are to be recovered during the course of the activity. Except to the extent expressly included in the existing reserves (examples are described above), none of the claims are subject to a right of compensation, collection, compensation or consideration, with the exception of the right of restitution agreements. Except as stated in Appendix 3.13, no person has a charge on the receivables and none of the receivables are subject to a prior assignment and no agreement has been reached on the deduction or rebate on any of these claims, with the exception of the right of restitution agreements. Notwithstanding the contrary contained in this section 3.13, recognizing that neither Navarre nor the seller directly control the sellers and other employees of the sellers, neither Navarre nor the seller gives any assurance or guarantee regarding agreements, agreements, commitments or communications, written or orally, from sellers or other employees of the companies to a customer , customer or debtor in connection with receivables on these customers153 , client153s or obligation to make payments to companies with respect to these receivables (including, but not only on amounts, deadlines, rebates, depreciation or other).

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